Established in 2016 we are located on the corner of 53rd and Northwest Blvd in Davenport. We are the perfect mix of a  neighborhood bar and QC destination! Not only do we strive for a PHun and exciting experience but we create amazing memories and love to meet new faces! We are very involved in our community and are so much more than just a “bar.” Charities, volunteering, and joining forces with our neighbors and PHriends is just one of the MANY reasons why we wanted to open a local bar. Whether you’re here to socialize during happy hour or coming to cheer on the HAWKEYES, we hope you stop by to relax, make yourself at home and make a few PHriends along the way. Welcome to Public House and thank you for stopping by!

Owners- Johnna and Austin Chesney 



Our neighborhood bar is a GREAT spot for a drink! Stop by for the big game, sip on a cocktail by the fire, bring in a group to socialize, play a round of darts or come hang out at the bar! We have something for everyone and we strive to make sure that your day/night out is one to remember!



We carry 20 rotating beers ON TAP as well as a wide variety of seltzer’s and canned beer.



We ensure a wide range of quality spirits from our PHouse bottles to our top-shelf spirits. We have something for everyone! Check out our cocktail menu and ask your bartender about our featured Sangria! 



We turn customers into regulars, regulars into PHriends and PHriends into PHamily.

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